About Us

About Us

“I started SPACElogic in 2002 because of the passion for the industry and the work we do. It is clear in our products and services and our clients see that and hence choose to work with us… When we see that something’s not right, we set it straight before we hand it over to our clients, that’s passion right there.”

-Augustus Peh, Managing Director

a new dimension

SPACE is beyond the physical – it is an experiential storytelling tool that can deepen understanding, evoke emotions and change mindsets. SPACElogic is a multidisciplinary company that provides integrated solutions through experiential design and thoughtful execution. Here at SPACElogic, we are relentless in our pursuit of extraordinary experiences when co-creating with clients and in the work we produce. We don’t just design and build spaces, we craft spatial stories and shape human experiences.


At SPACElogic, we believe in creating collaborative spaces for workplaces that can facilitate privacy as well as foster teamwork. More importantly, we believe in having FUN! View our second home here